High Point Core City Plan
High Point, North Carolina (2007)

High Point is known as the furniture capital of the world. Although its bi-annual "furniture markets" constitute the largest economic events in the state, the market is both a blessing and a curse for downtown and its surrounding neighborhoods. Because furniture show rooms dominate the CBD's groundfloor uses, the downtown fails to function as a conventional downtown with a wide range of tenant types and activities. Furthermore, most of the CBD's surrounding neighborhoods feature deteriorating housing for low-income residents with many accompanying social issues. However, the Core City, which constitutes approximately one-third of the city's land area and 95,000 population, also benefits from institutional anchors such as a university and hospital.

The Walker Collaborative (TWC) was hired by the City of High Point to lead a project to create a comprehensive plan for the Core City. Leading a team of four subconsultants, key components of the project led by TWC included a city-wide visioning process and Vision Statement, a real estate market analysis, transportation corridor strategies, concept plans for eight proposed mixed use centers, a land use plan, development design principles, zoning revision recommendations, a fiscal implications evaluation, and funding and organizational strategies. The plan has now been adopted and implementation has begun on numerous fronts, including the creation of a managing entity. This plan won an award from the North Carolina Chapter of the American Planning Association.