Wilkesboro, North Carolina (2011)

The Walker Collaborative was hired by the Town of Wilkesboro to create a physical improvement plan to revitalize the historic downtown. Subconsultants Third Coast Design Studio focused on urban design and architecture, while Martin Alexiou Bryson concentrated on transportation planning, traffic engineering and parking issues. Recommendations included: traffic calming, streetscape redevelopment, additional parking, conversion of on-street parallel parking to angled parking in specific locations, enhancing the historic courthouse green, a new park and market, burying overhead utilities, and extending the existing greenway system. In addition to addressing physical improvements, a set of recommendations were provided for organization, economic restructuring, and marketing and promotion. Recommendations for the establishment of an entity to manage the new farmers/craft market were also provided. Among the most significant results of the plan has been the tremendous success of the farmers/craft market.