Historic Battlefield Preservation

The Walker Collaborative’s Phil Walker has worked on battlefield preservation plans for over a dozen battlefields in five different states. He has lectured at conferences of the National Park Service’s American Battlefield Protection Program (ABPP), belongs to several “friends” battlefield groups, and has been a board member of the Tennessee Civil War Preservation Association for over a decade. Battlefield planning typically includes the following steps:

• Research into the battle’s history
• Analysis of existing conditions
• Prioritizing of individual parcels
• Strategies for land preservation and site improvements
• Strategies for interpretation

Battlefield interpretation should not only educate, but also intrigue and entertain the audience - or “edu-tain” them. A variety of vehicles for interpretation exist, including brochures, wayside exhibits, driving tapes, digital communications, and interpretive centers with high-tech interactive exhibits. All should offer a hierarchy of information to appeal to a diverse heritage tourism market with varying levels of interest. In addition to preparing Tennessee’s state-wide plan to protect Civil War resources in 1999, Phil Walker prepared the Management Plan and the Environmental Assessment for the Tennessee Civil War National Heritage Area.