Fort Worth Historic Preservation Plan
Fort Worth, Texas (2003)

For a large community that has experienced substantial growth over the past several decades, Fort Worth has retained an impressive stock of historic buildings. As a sub-consultant to Looney Ricks Kiss Architects (LRK), The Walker Collaborative's Phil Walker served as the Project Manager for this plan and coordinated the efforts of multiple other sub-consultants, including a preservation specialist, an architect, an attorney, and a public relations firm. With a strong emphasis on public input, including over 25 public meetings, the plan addressed: historic sites inventories, historic district designation, preservation ordinance revisions, design guidelines, citywide public policies, financial incentives for preservation, public education, and other related issues. The plan was adopted by the City Council and a substantial amount of implementation has occurred. The National Trust's journal "Presentation Forum" has recognized the plan as a national model.