Washington Drive Plan
High Point, North Carolina (2008)

Shortly after the completion of The Walker Collaborative's award-winning plan for High Point's "Core City," the City again hired TWC to lead a team of consultants to create a detailed plan for the Washington Drive neighborhood. This area served as the cultural and economic hub of High Point's African-American community prior to desegregation. Furthermore, jazz great John Coltrane grew up in the district, and the City purchased his boyhood home in 2006 for its potential for interpretation and tourism. With the intent of creating an entertainment district, key components of the plan included: a feasibility study and business plan for a museum on John Coltrane and High Point's African-American heritage; a streetscape master plan; renderings and cost estimates for the rehabilitation of five key historic buildings; design principles for infill development; plans for access and parking; a business development strategy; and recommendations for the outlying neighborhood. The plan is now in the implementation phase, and won an award from the North Carolina Chapter of the American Planning Association.