College Hill Neighborhood Concept Plan
St. Louis, Missouri (2007)

The College Hill Neighborhood is located on the north side of St. Louis and was developed between the 1870s and early-twentieth century. While today it boasts beautiful historic architecture, much of it is deteriorating, approximately one third of all lots are vacant, and poverty and crime are high. The Walker Collaborative (TWC) was hired by the LCMS National Housing Support Corporation to lead a team of consultants to create a plan for the neighborhood. A key component of the project was a three-day charrette that involved neighborhood residents and other stakeholders in a hands-on manner to help determine their destiny. Key recommendations of the plan included the revitalization of two commercial corridors on the edges of the neighborhood, the creation of a small neighborhood-scale commercial area central to the neighborhood, the development of a community center, streetscape improvements on a few key streets, and the creation of four pocket parks.