Lookout Mountain
Town Center Plan
Lookout Mountain, Georgia (2008)

When the grocery store anchoring Lookout Mountain's commercial center burned down, it prompted the community to rethink the unattractive strip center that constituted the closest thing they had to a town center. Electing instead to pursue a true 'heart and soul' for their community, the City hired The Walker Collaborative to lead a planning process that essentially viewed the existing center as a blank canvas. Following background research, numerous meetings, an architectural preference survey, and a public charrettte, a detailed plan was created. Anchored by a new city hall, firehouse, and police station, it includes retail, services, offices, a public park and plaza, and a diverse range of housing types. In particular, the plan was designed in a manner to allow the City and a single property owner to partner in initiating development of the core, while peripheral properties are phased in over time.