New Shackle Island
Village Concept Plan
Sumner County, Tennessee (2016)

Sumner County is a largely rural, but rapidly suburbanizing, county located northeast of Nashville. To help the County deal with serious growth challenges, TWC was hired to lead a multi-disciplinary team to prepare a plan for the 23,640-acre study area. It included an economic assessment and a multi-day public planning charrette with hands-on public engagement. Among the “place types” designated in the plan were the Village Center and Village Neighborhood place types. To better illustrate those place types, a concept plan for the “New Shackle Island Village” was prepared by sub-consultants Kennon Calhoun Workshop with oversight by TWC. The plan includes mixed use buildings with ground floor commercial space close to Long Hollow Pike, townhouses, and single-family detached houses with rear alley access. A follow-up to this plan is TWC’s rewriting of the zoning and development, which will accommodate new Villages.