Clarksville, Tennessee (2011-2013)

Located on the Cumberland River in North Central Tennessee, Clarksville is the state’s fifth largest community. While a variety of downtown and riverfront revitalization entities had come and gone over the years, a new organization was established in 2010 as the sole entity. Lacking a vision and strategy, the Two Rivers Company (TRC) hired The Walker Collaborative (TWC) to help to forge a vision and Strategic Plan. Following TWC’s initial work, part of TRC’s anticipated funding fell through, so a full-time Executive Director could not be realized. Consequently, Phil Walker was hired as the part-time Interim Director. During the nearly three years that he served, he achieved the following: creation/integration of six issue-based working committees; development of a website and logo; securing a State grant for revised design guidelines; development of revised design guidelines; preparation of a $40,000 market analysis and strategy; organization of a public planning charrette; preparation of an urban design study; and hiring of a full-time Director. During his tenure, there were a few building rehabilitations and several new businesses opened.