Wetumpka, Alabama (2013)

Located 20 miles north of Montgomery and wedged between the Coosa River and the steep rocky rim of a meteor impact crater, the Downtown Wetumpka has an intact collection of historic buildings with great cohesion. The Walker Collaborative was hired by the City to craft a detailed strategy to revitalize the downtown. Issues included uses and development along the Coosa River, parking, pedestrian needs, business development, and approaches to leveraging the nearby gaming market to benefit downtown. Grounded in a four-day public charrette, key recommendations include: establishment of a local historic district and CLG designation, establishment of a Main Street program for revitalization, streetscape redevelopment, construction of a traffic circle at a key intersection, creation of a plaza on the west side of the existing courthouse, and a strong streetscape treatment connecting the proposed plaza and the riverfront park. An optimal tenant mix was also proposed, as well as the initiation of parking management and financial incentives for development.