Downtown Blacksburg
Zoning Study
Blacksburg, Virginia (2006)

Located directly adjacent to Virginia Tech University, Downtown Blacksburg has enjoyed many years as a vibrant and dynamic urban environment. It boasts historic buildings, successful specialty retail shops, offices, and numerous restaurants and bars. Despite its relative prosperity, the compatibility of recent infill development has been called into question, and the Town has raised doubts as to whether the downtown is performing at its optimal level. Consequently, The Walker Collaborative was hired by the Town of Blacksburg to lead a team of four sub-consultants to conduct a study addressing these issues. The project included a critique and detailed recommendations for zoning, development standards, historic district guidelines, access and parking policies, and economic development strategies. The project also included an evaluation of the Town's most recent downtown master plan, as well as a public visioning process to test out the plan's current validity. This study's recommendations were implemented through extensive amendments to the Town's public policies pertaining to Downtown Blacksburg.