Starkville Unified Development Code
Starkville, MS (2017)

Located in Northeast Mississippi, Starkville is the home of Mississippi State University - with an enrollment of 20,000 students. Starkville has a well-preserved and vibrant downtown, as well as the Cotton District, a residential and mixed-use area that has been recognized nationally as a model for incremental New Urbanism. Despite Starkville’s assets, it still has challenges, including strip commercial corridors and poorly designed housing developments attempting to keep pace with student housing demands. Because Starkville’s last comprehensive plan was prepared in 2005, The Walker Collaborative was hired to lead a multidisciplinary team to prepare a new plan. Following adoption of the comprehensive plan, the same consultant team rewrote all of the City’s zoning ordinances, subdivision regulations, and related development codes. Among the key features of the new unified code are the following: • Compilation of all development-related regulations into a unified document. • Organization of the code in a more logical structure, including separate sections for bodies and procedures, zoning districts, subdivision regulations, standards, and definitions. • Addition of “T” (form based) districts 1, 2 and 3 to compliment the existing districts 4, 5, 6 and Civic. • Elimination of redundant and conflicting language. • Enhanced formatting and addition of graphics.”