About TWC

The Walker Collaborative (TWC) is the planning practice of Philip L. Walker, FAICP, who has over 30 years of professional experience in both the public and private sectors. This practice is founded upon the belief that rarely is any one firm uniquely qualified for any single planning project. Rather than using a firm-based approach, TWC employs a person-based approach.

TWC initiates each project by first understanding the project needs, next determining the necessary areas of expertise, and then identifying the best individuals to form the optimal project team. Team members are determined by balancing professional expertise and experience with considerations of geography, professional relationships, personalities, and planning philosophies. Only by employing this person-based approach can the most qualified project team be tailored for any given project.

TWC is involved with a wide range of planning projects, including downtown and neighborhood revitalization, historic preservation, comprehensive planning, zoning, development design standards, and community visioning. Most of the urban design work exhibited on this website was performed by Common Ground Urban Design + Planning (Franklin, TN), and most of the real estate economics was performed by Randall Gross / Development Economics (Washington, DC). Both firms are frequent collaborators with The Walker Collaborative.

Philip L. Walker, FAICP