"Downtown Planning for Smaller and Midsized Communities"

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70 Blanchard Road, Suite 402
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This book is quoted in the latest edition of Randall Arendt’s classic "Rural by Design," and it is among the American Planning Association’s 39 recommended “Best in Class” books for collegiate planning curriculum. It is required reading for several collegiate planning courses, including those at the University of Massachusetts and Arizona State University.

"To make this a century of wise environmental stewardship (rather than one of more sprawl and urban disinvestment) will require us to take much better care of the places we've already made. If you care about the center of your town, and wish to make it better, you must keep a copy of Downtown Planning for Smaller and Midsized Communities nearby and at the ready."
Alex Krieger - Professor
Harvard Graduate School of Design

"Vibrant, attractive, user-friendly downtowns don't just happen. They are the product of vision, dedicated leadership, effective partnerships and, as Philip L. Walker points out, good planning. This useful guide addresses a wide range of design issues, from one-way streets and infill architecture to show-window displays and public art, and offers a common-sense overview-seasoned with insightful first-hand reports from downtown veterans-of how the local planning process should work. The result is a roadmap that can help communities get the kind of downtown that everyone needs and wants -and deserves."
Richard Moe - President
National Trust for Historic Preservation

"After decades of marginally effective single-solution approaches...downtown is now viewed as a multi-faceted organism of economic, physical and social elements that must be addressed in a holistic manner. In short, planning, development, and management must be integrated into a seamless process. While there is no shortage of resources or publications on these topics individually, few provide a targeted focus on planning for the downtowns of small and medium size cities. Even fewer recognize the relationship between the planning process and long-term, comprehensive management of the revitalization process. This book does both."
Doug Loescher - Director
National Trust Main Street Center

"The sustained success stories in downtown revitalization have a set of common denominators: incremental change, participatory process, comprehensive management, effective use of historic buildings, and a handful of others. Phil Walker has done an excellent job of laying out the steps, the ingredients, and the 'whys,' as well as the 'hows.' This is an excellent guidebook for the interested citizen, as well as the professional planner."
Donovan Rypkema - Principal

"A comprehensive guide for planning small- and medium-size downtowns, this book is a must for today's planners, local leaders, and students of the field."
Eugenie L. Birch, FAICP - Professor of Urban Research & Education
University of Pennsylvania

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